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Heck yeah we can help with your design! There's two ways we charge for design. Hourly rate projects are for simple projects like a business card or event poster, something that would take less than a few hours. Design packages are typically more involved. Design packages could be laying out your book or a logo/branding package... a project that may take many hours.

Design packages require a contract and a deposit. Our contract is a simple-to-read document, basically a mutual agreement between you and Printigree. Both contracts and deposits are commonplace within the design field.

Hourly Rate

$70/hour Our minimum charge is $35 for 30 minutes

Design Packages

Package Description Deposit Price
Logo only We sketch some concepts then distill those down into a few mock-ups. You select a mock-up and we add the final polish. 50% $650
Bronze Brand Logo only package + brand colors (primary and secondary) and selected typography (fonts). Includes 1 small asset. 50% $850
Silver Brand Bronze brand package but with 3 small assets OR 1 medium asset. 50% $1000
Gold Brand Silver brand package but with 2 medium assets OR 1 large asset. 50% $1400
Platinum Brand Gold brand package but with 3 small assets + 2 medium assets + 1 large asset. Includes a Brand Guideline + $100 worth of in-house printing. 33%/33% $2800
Blue Plate Special For restaurants, house menu + take-away menu designs. Includes 40 laminated menus and 250 folded menus. 50% $550
White Linen Bronze Package + Blue Plate Special but we replace the take-away menu design with a wine/beer or specials insert. Includes 40 menus in 2 or 3-leaf menu covers. 33%/33% $1200

Free 30-minute Consultation

Have a design project in mind? Contact us to schedule a free 30-minute consultation. We can see how we can help you and answer any questions you may have. Check out the article we wrote for some helpful tips.

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