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Printigree hand selects papers based on a range of criteria; starting first and foremost with quality. Our "standard" house stock paper is a 24# bond, 98 bright paper by Hammermill. For comparison, many of our competitors offer a 20# bond, 94 bright paper as their standard option and for a similar price as our 24#. Many of our other house stock papers, including cardstocks, follow the same pattern.

House Stock Papers

Weight Class 8.5" x 11" 8.5" x 14" 11" x 17" 12" x 18"
Letter Legal Tabloid Arch B
24# Uncoated Bond
28# Uncoated Bond
80# Gloss Text
100# Gloss Text
80# Gloss Cardstock
100# Gloss Cardstock
100# Matte Cardstock
110# C/1S Cardstock

Wide Format / Giclée

Printigree offers a range of high-end, achival quality papers to print your artwork on. We use OEM inks and calibrate our printer with a spectrophotometer quarterly. The maximum size we're able to print is 44" x 180" with a maximun resolution od 1200ppi. For pricing of wide-format prints please visit the Print page.

Name Sheet 24" 36" 44"
Epson Exhibition Canvas Matte
A cotton duct canvas, primed and ready for your artwork. We can stretch canvas prints over pro stretcher bars too!
Coming soon
Canon Fine Art Velvet
Mimics watercolor/bristol paper and feels wonderful in hand. Perfect for reproductions of delicate original works.
17" x 22"
Epson Premium Photo Luster
Delivers outstanding color saturation and deep blacks for vivid prints, rivaling traditional silver halide prints.
Epson Enhanced Matte
Maintains excellent highlight and shadow detail and seem to sit on top of the paper when printed. A shop favorite.
Canon Economy Bond
Intended for technical drawings but we've had customers use it in a variety of ways like tattoo stencils and dress patterns.